Westford Horse Trailer Hire   Driving Tips



Ensure you are familiar with your tow vehicle. If the vehicle is new to you and you are

not used to driving it then consider driving it under varying road and weather

conditions before towing anything in order to be familiar with the vehicle and it's





The same applies if you have not towed your horse trailer before with your vehicle.

Attach your trailer but drive it without a horse loaded so you can gain an

appreciation of how the vehicle handles with a horse trailer affixed.




Once the horse is loaded drive slowly then try your brakes after a few yards to

ensure both the tow vehicles brakes and your horse trailer brakes are working





Remember also that cold brakes on your vehicle and trailer will cause them to

bite thus jolting your vehicle and trailer for the first few miles until they warm up.




Drive very slowly after setting off so the horses get used to the motion and braking

of the trailer.




Avoid sudden changes or erratic changes in direction, try to take corners slowly

and as wide as possible.




Be aware of other road users and if you can anticipate their actions.




Be aware of parked vehicles and overhanging branches, remember your horse

trailer will be both wider and taller than your tow vehicle.




Practice reversing with your trailer whilst it is empty. Also remember not only

to watch your trailer whilst reversing but watch the front of your vehicle as well

as it changes direction.




If your trailer starts to weave on the road try to avoid sudden braking and use

controlled acceleration to overcome the weaving before slowing.




Always try to avoid towing your trailer in ice or snow conditions. This will adversely

affect how both your vehicle and trailer handle and only drive in these conditions if

you are totally confident.




Always react to how your horse is behaving in your trailer. If your horse is

becoming stressed to the extent of erratic or violent behaviour within the

trailer always find a safe and suitable place to stop before proceeding further.




If you suffer a puncture on your horse trailer find a suitable and safe place to stop,

preferably by removing the vehicle and trailer off the main road onto a hard, flat and

stable surface.




Westford Horse Trailer Hire   Driving Tips